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At Reliant Wealth Planning, this is the overarching goal we aspire to achieve for our clients and their financial lives. Comfort is more than just an abstract feeling of well-being to our clients, but rather a deep sense that their needs will be managed in such a way that they can feel secure in their financial lives and confident in their ability to navigate their financial future. From the very first day we established our firm, we have been impassioned to provide our clients with the sense of comfort they so earnestly desire.

The three components of comfort

After serving hundreds of clients over the years, we have come to understand that deriving a high degree of comfort from a wealth advisory relationship stems from these three vital components.


Wealth planning advisors build their knowledge base and develop their areas of expertise through a combination of professional experience, industry education and research. At Reliant Wealth Planning, you will find just such advisors – experienced, credentialed wealth management professionals who apply their expertise on your behalf.

The Reliant Wealth Planning team includes professionals who have earned professional designations such as CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER, Chartered Retirement Planning CounselorSM and Masters in Business Administration, and have completed numerous advanced training courses. These tools and resources are what enable us to apply prudent, informed and well-reasoned decisions to your personalized wealth plan.


Trust is not only the most valued attribute of an advisor-client relationship, it’s one that can only be earned by acting in your best interest and demonstrating prudent decision-making over time. Of course, wealth planning professionals must not only profess to do what’s best for you, they must take the necessary steps to deliver on this intention. This encompasses having the processes and resources in place, and the skills to utilize them correctly.

We take pride in having a disciplined process, designed to help ensure that you receive a well-constructed wealth plan that accurately reflects your current situation and addresses your future goals. We are proud of the trust we have earned from our clients, which is evident in the many loyal, long-standing relationships we have built.

Personal relationship

Proper wealth planning is inherently personal, as each individual’s and family's goals, needs and situation are unique to them. This drives us to truly get to know our clients – what is important to them and what they want to achieve with their wealth.

It not only helps us build warm personal relationships with our clients, but helps us develop the appropriate strategies for pursuing their objectives. It's also why we deliberately limit the number of clients we serve – to give us the time and resources needed to cultivate highly personal relationships with the select families we do serve.

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