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Finding a Financial Advisor is Easy.

Finding one that instills comfort is a rare discovery.

Why People Choose Reliant

Reliant’s differentiating value is our focus on building “comfort” for clients. Comfort is NOT some abstract feeling, but rather a deep sense of your needs being met, based on three factors:

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First Step Financial Planning


We want a long-term relationship with clients, not to just simply complete a transaction for a customer and move on to the next “opportunity.”


We are fanatical about continuously building our level of technical expertise in both financial planning and portfolio management. We have many of the most respected designations in our fields, such as CFP®, RICP®, CFA® and CRPC®. Although we would be the first to admit that designations do not prove competence, they are a strong indicator of someone seeking it.


Trust is earned by consistently doing what we have committed to doing and diligently trying to properly set expectations.

Awards & Recognitions

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Do you see value in being treated as an individual, and having a personal relationship with your advisor?

Our Caring Professionals

Wealth planning is important to you, but you may not have the time, patience, knowledge or desire to travel that road alone. At Reliant Wealth, you will have a highly credentialed and accomplished team working diligently on your behalf.

How We Can Help

We focus on the important transition from accumulating wealth to its efficient preservation, distribution and ultimate transfer to their heirs and philanthropic interests.

Retirement Planning

General Cash Flow Management

Legacy/Estate Planning

Risk Management

Retirement Cash Flow Strategies

Investment Management

Gifting & Charitable Strategies