What We Do

Helping You grow and harvest your wealth.

Relationship Progression

Information Gathering
During this process, you share your needs with us while you learn how Reliant provides value to clients.
Joint Decision
Next, we will determine together the way in which Reliant can best provide value to your situation.


Gear for Financial Planning

Comprehensive Wealth Management

You prefer the comfort of knowing that, over the long term, trusted professionals are shepherding both your financial planning and investment management.

Retirement planning


The results of all our analyses will be presented to you, along with personalized recommendations.

Plan For Financial Planning


Upon determining that a relationship with Reliant is right for you, a Client Agreement is signed along with additional forms necessary to open your account(s) and transfer existing investments to us.

Financial Wealth Planning Docutments


The administrative process begins to establish your new relationship.

Retirement Financial Pllanning


We recognize that you want to feel comfortable and informed. Once your accounts are established, funded, and after you have received your first statement, we will meet with you to go over important information and answer your questions.


When to start financial planning

Strategic Engagement

You prefer trusted professionals to analyze your financial situation and make personalized recommendations. You may not have investment assets available for us to manage (e.g. investments are in an active employer retirement plan, wealth tied-up in real estate / business ownership, or you are an emerging investor just beginning to build your wealth).

Growth financial planning


You will determine which Strategy Level best meets your needs. You then sign an engagement contract which outlines what actions will be taken on your behalf and defines the fee, half of which will be accepted along with the signed contract.

Retirement planning


Your Strategy Plan, with analyses and recommendations, is presented and your questions answered. The remaining half of the fee will be accepted in this meeting.

We want a long-term relationship with clients, not to just simply complete a transaction for a customer and move on to the next “opportunity.”

How We Can Help

We focus on the important transition from accumulating wealth to its efficient preservation, distribution and ultimate transfer to heirs and philanthropic interests.

Retirement Planning

Helping you define what you hope your retirement will look like and working with you to achieve your vision. We will analyze where you are, how likely are you to get to where you want to go and design a plan to assist in making that happen. 

Retirement Cash Flow Strategies

Getting into the details of how to fund your retirement vision. Finding sources of cash flow, prioritizing the order of withdrawals from various accounts, and designing a claiming strategy for benefits such as social security, pensions, and deferred compensation plans are all critical.

General Cash Flow Management

Organizing savings and payments of various obligations. We become actively involved in setting up deposits and withdrawals of such cash flows, taking some of that burden off your shoulders.

Investment Management

Using sound principles, wisdom, and extensive experience, we help cut through the noise from the media, the “good” advice of others, and the market itself to develop and maintain portfolios built to improve your chances of achieving your goals while also avoiding big mistakes that can destroy otherwise solid planning.

Legacy/Estate Planning

We become your advocate as you determine how to best plan for your potential incapacity or passing. Ensuring your assets are controlled and left to WHOM you want, in the WAY you want, using techniques that PROTECT the assets from others, and SHELTER the assets from potential taxes is the essence of such planning.

Gifting & Charitable Strategies

Becoming a good steward by using what you have in order to benefit others can be very important to some. We help by both laying out a plan that takes into consideration your priorities, portfolio and cash flow make up, and the tax ramifications of decisions, and then assist tracking and executing the plan.

Risk Management

Sometimes your situation does not unfold in the way you had hoped or imagined. This can be caused by a disability, illness, or premature death. Just hoping such things do not happen is not an effective method of dealing with the potential outcomes. We help you consciously consider the pros and cons of various techniques of dealing with such risks and assist in implementing the steps you feel are advisable.

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